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Dear Camp Parents, 

Welcome to Camp Sinai!! We are very excited for this camp this summer and are looking forward to 8 weeks of fun, lots of laughter, making new friends, and having lots of adventures all in a safe environment! We have a fantastic camp staff, whom you will meet on Tuesday morning June 14th when you bring your child into camp. 

Every camper needs to have an up-to-date Medical and Immunization form before June 14th in order to begin camp. Please upload these in the “Documents” section of the Playground app.

If your child requires an EPI Pen please bring two to camp and notify your child’s lead counselor and the camp director. The lead counselor will carry it with them at all times! The medical authorization form found in the “Documents” section of the Playground app must be filled out for an EPI or a Nebulizer. 

Each child will be given one camp t-shirt to wear each Friday in honor of Shabbat. If you have any questions you can always contact us at 305-932-9012 or at

Best wishes,

Your Camp Sinai Leadership

2023 DATES: June 13 – August 4


Tuesday, June 13 ……..… First Day of Camp

Tuesday, July 4………….NO CAMP - Happy Independence Day!

Friday, August 4 ……..….. Last Day of Camp – NOON DISMISSAL


Full Day: 9:00am-3:30pm (Friday dismissal ends at 3pm)

Half Day: 9:00am-12:30pm



As part of Temple Sinai’s ongoing effort to improve security, each vehicle entering our campus on a regular basis must display a CAMP PASS in their car window. Any vehicle without a CAMP PASS will be stopped by our security personnel and will not be permitted to enter our campus. This is also part of our CARPOOL ROUTINE AND NEEDS TO BE DISPLAYED DAILY TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN. CAMP PASSES will be distributed on the first day of camp.



Campers will be housed in our Arnold & Roslyn Meyer Early Childhood Education Building on the South Campus of Temple Sinai. Prior to camp starting Lead Counselors from each group will be calling parents to let you know your child’s counselor, group name, and where the room is located.



In compliance with Florida State requirements, we MUST HAVE AN UP-TO-DATE HEALTH FORM AND IMMUNIZATION FORM for each child on file in order to be able to attend camp. If you have children that are currently attending Gan Sinai you do not need to upload a medical form.


For children coming from other locations or who are enrolling in August, we do need a current medical and immunization form for your child. Ask your pediatrician to complete the Forms 3040 and 680 required by The Florida Department of Children and Families and upload them to the “Paperwork” section of the Playground app if you have not already done so. We do not accept religious exemptions in lieu of vacations.



Please send in the following supplies with your child on the first day of camp. PLEASE LABEL all items on this list. 

  • Extra change of clothes to be left at camp (please include shoes and socks and bathing suit)

  • Backpack (this will come and go with our child each day) Please do not send rolling backpacks

  • Sunscreen (will be left in classroom)

  • Bug Spray (will be left in classroom)

  • Pool shoes (Crocs or Natives are a great option as they are waterproof. The will wear these to the pool each day)  

  • Any medication or EpiPen (please see above for exact instructions) 

  • Paper towel rolls

  • Flushable wipes

  • Disinfection wipes

  • Boxes of gloves (powder free if possible) 

  • Diapers (if your child needs them)

  • Sleeping bag (for children ages 18 months- 3)



There will be counselors waiting at the entrance of the Gan Sinai building. PLEASE DO NOT leave your car. Please check your child into camp in the Playground app when you arrive. Please also make sure to sign them out when you pick up at the end of the day.


Children’s safety will never be compromised. The safety of all our campers is our first priority. We insist that you follow carpool drop-off and pick-up instructions completely. In the morning, please drive slowly and cautiously into the driveway, follow the traffic flow and pull up to where the counselors wait to assist the children.  Come to a complete stop, and put your car in “Park.” When the children have left the car and walked away from it, check all around to make sure the way is clear, then carefully and slowly drive away. We have a no cell phone zone that will be strictly enforced.


If you need to go into the camp office for any reason, you must park your car in a designated parking spot.  There is no parking or stopping in the carpool lane at any time for any reason. Always assume that there is a small child somewhere around that you may not see, and proceed with extreme caution.


Arrival takes place between 8:45 and 9:15 am. Please be sure not to arrive before that time as there will not be adequate supervision available. There are no provisions for early drop-off. We do not have an extended day program. Please adhere to all ENTRANCE and EXIT signs and speed limits. Again, NO CELL PHONES PLEASE.


Your carpool card must be displayed in a prominent place on the car dashboard. Children will be brought to your car. PLEASE wait patiently in the car line. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR OR COME INTO THE BUILDING. Pull up to the furthest cone you are instructed to by the counselors, get out of your car to greet your child and securely seat belt him/her into the vehicle.

  • Half-day dismissal begins at 12:15 pm and ends at 12:30 pm

  • Full-day dismissal begins at 3:15 pm and ends at 3:30 pm

  • Friday dismissal begins at 2:45 pm and ends at 3:00 pm


Please remember to check your child out on the Playground app before leaving.


Please do not arrive earlier for dismissal than the times listed above as this creates unnecessary congestion and traffic problems, sometimes all the way onto 22nd Avenue.


There will be no provision for later dismissal as there is no Extended Day Program. Anyone designated to pick up your child MUST be added as a “Guardian” in the Playground app. If your child is going home with another camper you can just set up a “Carpool” also in the Playground app. This rule is for your child’s protection.


Children must be picked up promptly at the end of the day. Please cooperate with us. If, at any time, you are unavoidably detained at dismissal time, please message Rabbi David or Ms. Stephanie in the Playground app or call the camp office (305-932-9012) to make us aware of the situation.



If you have any changes in address, home phone, and cell numbers, emergency numbers, jobs, etc., please update your information in the Playground app. If there are ANY problems at home that may affect your child at camp, please let us know in order for us to be responsive. We try to give extra-special tender loving care when we are made aware of special circumstances.



All camp communication will happen within the Playground app. In addition to announcements from the camp leadership, each Lead Counselor will send pictures and important information through the Playground app.



We provide a morning and afternoon nutritional snack each morning and a delicious and healthy lunch. Be certain to advise your child’s counselors and our camp office, in writing, of any allergic conditions.




Please read labels carefully to assure you do not mistakenly send in products that contain nuts. Please do NOT send food items that are labeled “could be produced in a factory that contains nuts.” Some children are HIGHLY allergic and cannot be around these food products, even if they do not ingest them.



BE SURE TO ADVISE US OF ANY ALLERGIES. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Please note: We are going to protect your child against bugs and insects with “bug spray.” If you DO NOT WANT your child sprayed, please let us know by adding a note in the Playground app. It would be advisable for you to also protect your child each morning before leaving for camp. We will also be protecting your child from the sun each day with sunscreen. If you would like your child to use a particular type/ brand of sunscreen, please send it with your child in their camp bag daily. Make sure it is LABELED. If your child requires an EPI Pen, two must be provided for camp. 



We recommend sturdy sneakers and socks – no flip-flops or sandals, except for swimming. Each child must wear a bathing suit under his/her clothing when coming to camp each day. Please place a large towel, and underclothes in your child’s camp bag each day. 


All campers should bring a complete change of clothing the First Day of camp to be left at camp. PLEASE LABEL  ALL ITEMS! An extra towel and bathing suit are also requested. The office will house a LOST AND FOUND BOX FOR ALL LOST ITEMS. We cannot attempt to find the rightful owner unless all items are CLEARLY LABELED! DO NOT FORGET - CAMPERS SHOULD WEAR A SWIMSUIT AND BRING A TOWEL EACH DAY THAT SWIM IS SCHEDULED. On field trip days, please send in a bathing suit. The group may have a chance to take a swim when they return to camp. LABEL! LABEL! LABEL! 



Camp t-shirts will be distributed on the first day of camp. Campers should wear their Camp Sinai t-shirt on Fridays for Shabbat. If you wish to purchase extra t-shirts, we have a limited number available for sale. Contact the camp office for ordering information.



The children will enjoy in-house show programs every Wednesday morning. We will have music shows, a petting zoo, clowns, a wildlife show, a puppet show, and our own Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday.



If your child receives medication during the camp day, The Florida Department of Children and Families (FDCF) requires that the following rules be adhered to:

  • All medication must be brought to the camp office in the original container from the pharmacist. Parents must complete and sign the medical authorization form found in “Documents” in the Playground app before medication can be given.


  • Your child’s name, group name and specific directions FROM THE DOCTOR must be taped to the original drug container.

  • State health regulations require all prescription drugs to be labeled with the name and number of the pharmacy, name of prescribing physician, prescription number and drug name and dosage.



Please refer to our COVID-19 Protocols and Precautions at All families are expected to follow these guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy.


If your child does not feel well, has green mucus coming from their nose, diarrhea, temperature or has recently vomited please keep him/her home until cleared for 24 hours and has been feeling better. 


NOTIFY RABBI DAVID in the Playground app if your child has a communicable disease of any kind, such as Strep Throat, so we are able to inform other parents. We exercise discretion at all times. It is imperative that the camp is made aware of all health issues (i.e. injuries, allergies, asthma, tubes in ears, tendencies towards high fever, etc.). WE HAVE NO WAY OF PROPERLY DEALING WITH YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN IF WE DON’T HAVE ADEQUATE INFORMATION.



There will be swimming daily in our on-premise pool for each camper. BUBBLES SWIM SCHOOL is in charge of the pool. They will be teaching swim lessons and have 3 lifeguards on duty at all times. Please remember to send a bathing suit on field trip days just in case there is a change of plans. Some days, time permitting, campers will swim on campus after returning from their scheduled field trip. Please send your child dressed in a swimsuit under his/her clothing each day. Please include a LABELED towel and underclothes.


If your child is not to swim on a particular day, send a note through the Playground app to your child’s Lead Counselor. All children will swim unless they have a note. If your child is not swimming on a given day, he/she will stay at the pool with a small supervised group of other children. We strongly urge all parents to encourage their children to swim at camp every day. If your child needs to wear earplugs, please label them individually, also label the container. Please give them directly to the Head Counselor.

THANK YOU for entrusting your children to us. We will take wonderful care of your most precious possessions!! We are looking forward to an amazing summer!!!!
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